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School closed today

School will remain closed today.

The ICSE Students (Class 10) may collect the Statement of Marks from the school office after 10:30 a.m. tomorrow or at any later date, during office working hours.

Do not apply for your Transfer Certificate unless you are certain that you will not be joining FAPS for the ISC (Class 12).

The ISC (Class 12) students may collect the following documents/certificates from the school office between 2:00 p.m and 4:00 p.m. today or any day hence, during the office working hours.
1) Statement of Marks.
2) Transfer Certificate.
3) Migration Certificate.
4) Conduct Certificate.

Admission to Class 11



The “Statement of Marks” from the Council cannot reach school until at least a couple of days more!
Transfer Certificates must be applied for!  They are not issued to either the Class 10 or 12 students by default. Please contact the fee office for the same.

PLEASE REFER TO SIMILAR POSTS ON THIS BLOG, DATED AROUND 18TH MAY 2011 FOR ANY FURTHER QUERIES REGARDING RECEIPTS FROM THE SCHOOL. Dates regarding receipts or submitting forms/applications will vary. Please check the school notice board or with the office regarding the same.
Eslyn Hart

To save you the trouble of entering the URL again and again, I have listed below, the sites which will display your results!

Please share this link with others because the sites mentioned below are common for students from any ICSE/ISC school.

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