Some answers (hopefully) to the numerous queries I have received recently!

1) The results will be announced tomorrow (Saturday, 19th May, 2012, after 3:00 p.m.) on the sites mentioned in the previous post.

2) You may download your “mark-sheet” and print out the same. This needs to be attested by the Principal/Vice-Principal because it is not your official marks. The attested copy/copies may be used for the purpose of submitting your marks to various institutions. Please note that this is not your “official” marks.

3) The Principal/Vice-Principal will attest the downloaded mark-sheet on Monday, 21st May, 2012, after 9:00 a.m.

4) The “official” mark-sheet is called the “Statement of Marks”. This will be received by the school only towards the middle of next week. I will keep you informed as to when you may collect the same from the school office.

5) Regarding admission to Class 11:

a) No application forms are ever issued!

b) An attested copy of the marks which you download must be submitted to the school office, within a couple of days (from Monday 21st May, 2012). THIS IS THE ONLY FORM OF APPLYING FOR ADMISSION for all (students from FAPS and from other schools).

c) The streams offered for the ISC are Science, Commerce & Humanities (Arts). Please check the school notice board for details.

d) If you have still not decided which stream you wish to opt for, please submit one  copy of your “mark-sheet” for each stream.

e) Even if you are not too serious about continuing in the ISC stream, do submit a copy of your “mark-sheet” to the school office, just to keep all options for admission open. (All that it will cost you is about a rupee a copy).

For any further information, do feel free to post your comments. Or check similar posts that you will find dated, around the same time, last year. (May 2011). The search feature on this blog is pretty awesome. Use it.

Wishing you all the best, tomorrow, and always! Take care!


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