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Following my exposure to TED, today i was introduced to INK, which is associated with TED.

Do check out and i am sure that you will find some of their articles as inspiring as that of

KidsINK is conducting a conference for students aged 8 to 14 on Saturday, 24th September, 2011. Although the term examinations will be on at that time, I recommend that those of you who can spare the day, participate in the event.

 KidsINK is a one day conference that offers students in Bangalore the opportunity to engage, experience and explore new ideas in the arts and sciences. The day will include speakers, performances and workshops in the areas of visual arts, performance arts, science and technology, and writing.

KidsINK Schedule of Events:

Morning Speaker Session (for Kids and Parents)
10 AM – 12 PM
Heera Singh: breakdancer and founder of Tiny Drops
Robin Uthappa: cricketeer and batsman for the Pune Warriors
Rohini Rau: sailing contender for the 2012 Olympics and medical student
Sarath Champati: naturalist and wildlife conservationist
Shailaja Gupta: creative designer behind the new animated movie “RA. One”
Shantanu Moitra: Bollywood music director and composer of music for “3 Idiots”
Master of Ceremonies Ugesh Sarcar: street magician and star of the UTV Bindass show “Third Degree”

lunch (provided by INK)
12 PM – 1 PM

Afternoon Speaker Session (for Parents-Only)
12:30 PM – 2 PM
Aysha Rau: mother of Rohini Rau, children’s books author and playwright
Gaurav Bakshi: India Against Corruption activist
Ugesh Sarcar: social activist and curriculum designer
Vishy Poosala: designs new computer habits for kids
Master of Ceremonies Lakshmi Pratury: host of the INK Conference, in association with TED

Tea and socializing for parents (provided by INK)
2 PM – 3 PM

Afternoon Workshops (for Kids-Only)
1 PM – 3 PM
Creative Writing: led by Usha Rao of ZapZany
Music Composition: led by Shantanu Moitra, “3 Idiots” composer
Science and Technology: led by Bhavari, a member of the Arvind Gupta Toys from Trash Troup
Visual Art: Nilofer Suleman, local Bangalore artist

Please visit to register.



Clemency: An act or deed showing mercy, forgiveness or leniency.

Usage: The clemency plea, of the convicts who were sentenced to death, was forwarded to the president, though the families of some of the victims demanded that the punishment be delivered.

The Frank Anthony Public School Alumni Association conducted a “Reunion” after several years. And despite the heavy showers that hit the city that evening, Saturday, 10th September, 2011 was an awesome time to remember the “good old days”!

Organisers: Amrit Kandhari, Venkat Subramanian, Robert John, Pavan Nagraj, Ajay Sharma, Vivek Nagpal, Kuber, Manvi Rao, Nishant Reddy, Pranati Madhav.

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Congregate: To come together; to assemble, especially in large numbers.

Usage: Even as some residents stayed glued to the television, watching the news telecast of the impending storm, most others began to congregate at the public school, which had been converted into a temporary relief centre.

When our class teacher told us that on 6th September we would be going to JYOTHI SEVA SOCIETY, HOME AND SCHOOL FOR BLIND CHILDREN, all of us were very excited.

We started from school at 9:30 am and reached Venkateshpuram at 10:00 am. When we reached there the sister greeted us all and took us up to the assembly hall .The visually impaired children were waiting for us. We sang songs. 6A sang “God’s love is so wonderful” and 6 B sang “He’s got the whole world in His hands” and also played the Casio for them. They applauded loudly and they also sang and danced for us. We made friends with many of them.

We were amazed by the work they do with the help of their teachers, some of who are also visually challenged. Some of their craft which we got to see was unbelievable, they had knitted beautiful sweaters, gloves etc. They had also done some clay modeling and much more. The most surprising part was they also have a computer lab. What impressed me the most was their confidence. Some of them carried chairs and climbed up and down the stairs on their own. We saw how they study through the Braille system.

We enjoyed talking to them and knowing their hobbies and their interests. It was surprising to know that most of them want to be teachers. It was time for us to get back to our school, and honestly none of us wanted to break their heart by saying bye to them. BUT we had to do it.

We want to thank our teachers, Vice-principal and Principal for giving us this wonderful opportunity to visit such a place. After visiting them, the one thing all of us did was, thank God for gifting us with vision to see this beautiful and colorful world which we live in.

(Reported by Raashi Ballal – Class 6. Thanks!)


Panache: A grand manner or style; flair.

Usage: The boxer entered the ring with his usual panache, striding up to his opponent, glaring him in the eye, and then walking away with a smirk.

During the second weekend of August, my friend (and classmate from college… a long time ago), Sanjay and his family went to the Andaman Islands for a short vacation. Having had some exposure to SCUBA diving and with the facilities available at Havelock Island, Sanjay went to the “diveshop” to register himself for the dive. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that the gentlemen helping him were from Bangalore. In the process of completing the required formalities, Sanjay learnt that they were former students of FAPS. Here is a short report and a photograph by him.

Rehan and Karan are currently working at Bare foot diveshop which is a part of Barefoot resort ( in Havelock Island, Andamans. Their job involves assisting SCUBA diving enthusiasts. This involves accompanying beginners on “Discover SCUBA” to teaching diving to enable one to get certified. Rehan is working on becoming a PADI Dive Master, while Karan is working towards commercial diving qualification. They work with people from various nationalities and most of their clients are from faraway lands like the US and Europe. Meeting them was such a pleasant surprise. They both having recently discovered SCUBA, are having a great time. They are also learning some important skills like Client Management, running a business and most importantly living by themselves.

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